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POS Support Care Packages - Micros Software

Micros POS Support is a division of RetailCare and provides phone and remote access support to all Micros POS platforms as follow: Micros e7 Micros RES 3700 Micros Simphony Opera PMS Our support consultants and service engineers can provide onsite/off site software support and repair to all Micros POS Hardware. The qualified team of support and Implementation consultants can assist with Micros version upgrades, installation, software configuration, database builds, menu configuration and training. We can assist in the sales of hardware, ranging from cash drawers, printers, workstations and Servers. Our support team of qualified and experienced technical support/service engineers are in most major cities and are available for after hour support/service if required.
Head Office
We provide support to your systems that you need them. Many issues can happen with POS Software from the users, hardware, or the software so we are available to aid in supporting your team in real-time. Our Deep Knowledge of the Micros Software allows us to answer your challenges fast and locally. No real waiting times, no forms ... just real support. .
Store Support
We keep your stores, cafes, restaurants and hotel remotely supported. With our intelligence support software remotely real-time monitoring your systems you can feel safe to know all is running smoothly with our Care package.

Product Supported

We are a full service and support agency providing support on the software and the original hardware. Our key software support is on the following Micros POS Software solutions ; the full range of Micros software and hardware.
MICROS e7 Restaurant POS System
MICROS e7 is designed to meet the needs of a variety of foodservice operations, including table service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, smaller hotel food & beverage operations, bars, pubs, delicatessens and cafeterias. This new touchscreen POS was designed specifically for the neighbourhood independent restaurant. MICROS e7 combines the reliability and value of the colour touchscreen WS5A with a feature-rich embedded software application to provide restaurant operators an affordable, functional, “all-in-one” product from MICROS.

Features & Benefits:

  • System customization to reflect menu, prices, labour and reporting needs
  • Full-colour touch screen
  • Fast and easy order entry with robust guest check features
  • Multiple language support, magnetic card security and integrated credit cards
  • Supports the Universal Credit Card Driver for interface to a variety of credit card processors through Merchant Link
  • Runs in a peer-to-peer environment without a PC, using the MICROS WS5A as the POS workstation
Micros Restaurant Enterprise Solution (Micros RES3700)
The MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series 3000 (RES 3000) is our third-generation total application suite providing technology solutions for the many challenges facing today’s independent and chain restaurant operations. RES 3000 also includes Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) features. This product offers integrated support for delivery / carry-out operations and frequent guest programs. RES 3000 truly is a product for every restaurant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Value / combo meals
    • Auto recognition of value meals
    • One-touch upsizing and item substitution
    • Configurable “You saved…” calculation that can be displayed during auto-value meal recognition and printed on receipts
  • Serving periods
  • Re-open closed checks
  • Graphics (logo printing) on receipts and guest checks
  • Supports up to 32 order devices and up to 64 condiment groups
  • 10 menu levels / 10 menu item prices
  • Option to count number of menu items on check
  • Scheduling and staff requirements generation (SRG) support
  • Auto schedule generation (ASG) available with SRG
  • Payroll pre-processing
  • Payroll paid off of schedules, with no need for clock in / out
  • Employee master reports
  • Centralized employee / HR setup
  • Historical reporting of salary and pay rate changes
Micros Simphony
Simphony is designed for deployment into diverse environments to deliver the complex, mission-critical functions demanded by the most innovative customers. It enables organizations to deploy the system using a design that provides flexibility, resiliency and streamlined integration of applications. Simphony supports the use of local services like property management and credit card interfaces, reporting and the paperless kitchen display system at the individual property or revenue centre to ensure continuous system operation. Additionally, it allows for the elimination of costly local servers by allowing only the necessary services to be run at the property level.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Real-time data
  • Improved guest service
  • Reduced operating costs

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